About Us

• Who we are

We are a platform dedicated to create a social impact for communities in need. Our society faces today different challenges, and we are convinced that it needs small actions to overcome big problems. That is why we aim to identify challenges and create actions and projects to answer those needs.

• What we want

We envision finding individual solutions for different problems that different marginalized groups are confronted with. We aim to create small-sized actions with a direct impact on the target group. No matter if it is a small project or an individual activity we try to make a difference without a big overhead.

We want to contribute to a world in that all marginalized groups have opportunities to overcome their situation. Our actions aim to make a small step on the way out of poverty.

Altceva [al:tʃɛva] is a Romanian word meaning „something else“. It is something else the organization Altceva is aiming to look at. We want to take small steps for social change.