Collecting Laptops for Kids in Romania


What is the problem?

In Romania, there are children from marginalized groups, that are not able to continue their education, because of the lockdown during this pandemic and a lack of technological access. A statistic from the Ministry of Education of Romania shows that about 250.000 kids have no access on online schooling because they don’t have a laptop or tablet or any other device through which they can connect with their teachers. Some even lack access to the internet at all. Through this project we envision that children from different marginalized groups in Romania (from rural areas, from minority groups like Roma, from poor communities) will have the opportunity to attain education in the context of the lockdown.

What do we do?

Even if we can’t find a solution for every child we want to contribute to help as many children as possible. For that, we collect old laptops and tablets, set them up with free and open software, and send them to children who need them. Additionally, where possible, we try to install open-source educational software so that the kids can learn new things. With access to these tools, children can continue their education during phases of social distancing. They can learn new things and connect with each other, to the world and have the chance to have a better future.

What can you do?

If you want to be part of this, spread the word further, or donate an old laptop or tablet or other things that can help, please get in contact with us, and we arrange the modalities. How to do this you can find here: Contribute

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